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How to Get Started

Prices and plans are subject to change at any time by JE Design Group


Let's Talk...

Let's talk about your project. This is a quick (10-15 minute) complimentary and informational phone call so that you can tell us about your project and what you are looking for in the way of design and find out about JE Design Group. This chat is designed to see if you can benefit from hiring JE Design Group and schedule a "Let's See" appointment.

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Let's See...

This is the initial meeting to see your project and determine the scope of work. If you think you can benefit from a professional opinion to help you move forward on your own with confidence, then a 1-2 hour consultation is for you. If you are looking for a full scale project then this is meeting where you and your designer brainstorm all the possibilities! In this meeting we will discuss design ideas, scope of work, expectations as well as collect any information needed such as site measurements and photographs to move on to the

“Lets Get Started Phase”. 

Pricing Ranges from
$250-350 (1-2 hours)

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Let's Get Started

It’s time to let the collaboration and transformation begin! Whether you have simple updates in mind, remodel or starting a custom home, JE Design Group can put your plans in motion. Your designer will provide consultation, develop any necessary drawings, pull together material and furnishing selections to present to you. JE Design Group has a vast resource library and design studio exclusive to our clients as well as relationships with the trades to help execute your plans and project. We will guide you through the entire process start to finish while providing excellent service and quality furnishings.

Pricing is determined by
the scope of the project and 
charged at an hourly rate.

Flat rate pricing available upon  request

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