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3 Small Changes = BIG Impact!

  • Chair rail height. Low vs. High? I’ve seen it all through the years! Low will instantly date your home.... Either go with nothing at all or install at 54"-66" depending on your ceiling height.

  • Painted ceilings ( contrast & infinity)- the "fifth wall"

Clients like to play it safe with paint and it shows, yet this is the cheapest and easiest way to change a space overnight! Clients will show me the ideal colors they would choose after months of collecting samples yet still struggle to make a final decision before they give up and call in a professional. There are a million shades of white and picking the right one is tricky, but often times clients are afraid to venture to the mid or lower half of the paint deck.... Designer’s tip: that’s where you will find the best colors to get the results you are looking for!!!! Do not fear the dark!

On that same note it is also ok to paint walls and ceilings the same color depending on the color. Example: you have vaulted ceilings and an 8’-9’ wall height that the ceiling starts from. Painting walls and ceilings will get rid of what I like to call a horizon line. This can make the room feel taller than it really is.

  • Paint the inside of your front door!

There’s no rule of thumb that says your doors, casing and baseboards must all be the same color. Builders will charge extra to paint all the doors in your house because of additional coats (resulting in more paint and more labor) but painting just one door can really add a lot of impact to the entrance of your home and small space.

With creative applications of simple trim and paint you can turn basic into FABULOUS!

Photo Credits; 1 & 2 Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest "DecorPad"

Found on Pinterest "Uptown with Elly Brown"

Found on Pinterest "Nicole B"

Found on Pinterest "Life on Virginia Street"

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