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Updated: Feb 2, 2023

1. PAINT - A great DIY and $ friendly option that can instantly change the palette of a room! And don't limit yourself to the walls...paint a piece of furniture!

2. SOFA PILLOWS - Adds color, texture and comfort instantly!

3. NEW BEDDING - Everybody loves a pretty bed! Keep it simple but remember to layer with pillows and throws.

4. NEW RUG - Small or large, no matter the space, gives all of your existing furniture a new foundation and a whole new look!

5. SHED NEW LIGHT ON YOUR SPACE WITH NEW LAMPS - And proper bulbs as it pertains to wattage and color of light!

6. NEW FRONT DOOR DECOR - First impression for guest and it adds great curb appeal.

7. NEW CABINET HARDWARE - If existing hardware is basic and tired, simply changing style and finish can make your dated kitchen look more current.

8. SWITCH OUT VANITY MIRRORS TO WALL HUNG MIRRORS - Framed mirrors give a more custom and higher end look.

9. NEW BATH ACCESSORIES - Scented fresh soaps, soap pump, fluffy fresh towels, cannisters.

10. TRAY OF ACCESSORIES - Brings organization and beauty to what would otherwise be clutter.

11. EDIT! DECLUTTER - Less is more!

12. THE SMELL GOODS - Diffusors, scented candles...or fresh flowers!

February is known for the month of love and conversation hearts... hope these ideas inspire you to show your home love throughout the year!

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