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Window Treatments – 101

There are endless possibilities for window treatments. The first step is determining if you need window treatments. The second step is determining if you need decorative or functional window treatments (or both).

If you have a beautiful open window and amazing scenery, don’t feel obligated to cover it… maybe you just need to “frame” it with soft stationary panels on each side. This would be considered a decorative window treatment.

If that view needs to be covered, you may need to opt for an operable window treatment that has very little stack up or stack back (fullness when in the open position) so that you can still maintain that open look.

Great options for this are Vertical Sheers, Cellular Shades or Roller Shades. They gather tightly and don’t cover the window when in the open position.

Sometimes a window does need to be covered because of temperature, light control, or privacy. This can be accomplished with any form of blind, shade or shutter. I like to guide my clients to get a little fashion with their function when choosing a window treatment. Here are some great options.

Shutters: This is the cleanest most timeless look! It is a one and done, they will NEVER go out of style! Go with the largest slat possible and when the slats are open there will be more space in between maximizing the open view. This is also what I call a “two-for” meaning you are getting function and fashion! Shutters make a huge statement and are a wonderful “CLASSIC” investment!

Shades: Roller or Roman, Cellular or Pleated, Cordless or Manual Controls, Fabric, Mesh or Woven… again a million choices. You can opt for the basics, or I always like another opportunity to get fashionable function with a beautiful woven Roman Shade.

Window treatments can be light and airy or heavy and dramatic, it is amazing how they can complete a room and add so much ambiance and function. At JE Design Group we let your windows reflect your style and meet the function!


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