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Client’s repeatedly ask me about the popular soft gold finishes and should they, or shouldn’t they?

If money is no object… “go for the gold. However, the more practical approach is to proceed with caution on this one.

Here is my take on it…

Is it trendy? Probably yes. Ok, yes, it is a trend. The tone of the gold will change to warmer, cooler or brighter over time when it comes to what they put on the market. I have seen the same thing with “Gray” … gray is still in but if you did gray 5 years ago, I am sorry to say it is now dated because you did a warm gray and the trend switched to cooler lighter grays.

The deciding factor:

Can I change it with minimal investment of dollars and/or time?


I only recommend choosing soft gold fixtures if you are looking at minimal and easy to change fixtures. Example: Kitchen faucet, powder room vanity faucet. These are a one-off item meaning you don’t have to change an entire bathroom and shower full of fixtures. If you commit to putting it in your entire bathroom, be prepared to either live with it or spend the money to change it when it becomes outdated.


Why not, lighting makes a huge impact, and it is relatively easy to switch out in a day.

Cabinet Hardware:

All day long, YES! It is quick and simple to switch out yourself!

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