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Entries with Style

As the saying goes, “the kitchen is the heart of the home”. But the entryway to

your home is the first impression, and often the only impression because very

few people make it past that point in your home or only get a peek through

the door from the front porch! So take the opportunity to make an amazing


Garages have given way to family entries, boot benches, back hallways and

drop zones. So whether it is a front door entry or back door entry, the same

rules and processes apply.


1.) Determine your needs. What components do you need to make the

space work for your lifestyle and day-to-day needs. Functional, Pretty or


-Coat hooks

-Furniture with storage

-Shoe storage

-Furniture with surface only


-Accent light (lamp)

2.) Find your pieces. Don’t skimp! This is a space that every member of

your family might pass by and use multiple times a day! Make it look nice, it’s

also your welcoming home after a long day too! Online makes it easy and convenient to find these special pieces, but if you like to see, touch,

and feel there are some great retail sources that I like to go to…

-Hobby Lobby

-World Market

-Hardware Resources

-Pottery Barn


-At Home

You can practically one-stop shop at any of these stores!




-tea carts







Pictured above:

Pottery Barn: Hooks

Homegoods: Basket

World Market: Console

Ruggable: Zebra runner

Hobby Lobby: Mirror

At Home: Bench

3.) Entries with Impact. Your space is now functional but maybe lacking a

little pizzazz? You need a backdrop for contrast! There are 2 ways to do this.

-Paint: an inexpensive, easy to change, low commitment option.

-Wallpaper: a bit more of an investment but you open the options to a

whole other world of multiple colors, patterns, and personality! Plus if it is a

high traffic area you protect your walls and they can be easily maintained!

Totally worth the investment!

Pictured above:

Geometric (Wallquest)

Birch (York)

Brick (York)

Grasscloth (Wallquest)

Side note: Wallpaper has gotten a bad wrap for years! In the design world, it

never went out of style. Textiles and technologies have developed that makes

it easier to remove and replace. Not to mention the newer to the market

option “Peel and Stick” wallpapers!

So whether a grand entry, family drop zone, or simple coat hook by the door…

take the time to make it a thoughtful, functional and stylish space for you and

your family!

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