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How to Prepare for Meeting an Interior Designer for the First Time

When meeting with a client for the first time I like to ask them to lay all of

their cards on the table.

Walk me through the home and tell me…

  • what you like and what you don’t like about your home

  • what works for you and does not work for you in your lifestyle and daily routine (good design can make your life not only more aesthetically pleasing but more efficient as well)

  • what can you part with and what is sentimental. Sentimental is nonnegotiable! Those are pieces that mean something to you and are part of your history. We are not here to take them away from you or hide them in the basement! But we will strategically place them or reinvent them if they need a little TLC.

  • TIP: don’t try to impress the designer by putting away your day to day mess. Yes we are technically considered “company” but you called us to improve the look and function of your home so don’t hide your organizational problems.

Have some direction!

Don’t forget, we are meeting you for the first time and rely on you to tell us

what your design taste are. Help us out by…

  • providing some inspiration photos (Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram)

  • maybe there is one area in your home that you truly love but can’t seem to make it flow to the other areas of the house?

Be yourself!

We are taking mental notes but we are not judging you. You called us to

help and we need to see the good and the bad so we know how to help you.

I’ve asked clients the simple question of “what is your favorite color?”

honestly 9 out of 10 times they are wearing it! Coincidence? I think not!

And as an extension to color, what is your go-to style? Causal, tailored, or whimsical?

Have a general direction with an open mindset.

It’s your home and your designer will make your home be a reflection of you

as well as more than you ever imagined!


  • be decisive (you’re not doing yourself any favors by saying you don’t know or you decide). We are also good at reading your reactions to different ideas we present… no worries, instant reaction is everything! It’s good! Don’t overthink it!

  • give your designer a little creative freedom. We will show you what you asked for as well as a few things you didn’t. That’s our responsibility to show you new things you love but did not know you loved them until you knew they existed!

It’s just that simple! Call a designer today and get started!

JE Design Group is here to help with all of your design needs!

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